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Graduate of the ESIGETEL in 1998, I started my career at SFR’s as a system engineer, and I soon realized that sedentary missions were not my thing … So I started my freelance career in 2000, with the launch of MobileCom (now Orange Jordan). In 2002, I naturally did successive missions abroad, in Italy, in Germany, in Slovakia, in Belgium, mainly focused on the core network and the feasibility studies services.


My technical expertise kept on rising gradually and I developed my experience towards the management of technical and strategic projects and I joined Orange Corporate in 2004, in order to work on improvement actions for roaming between the European subsidiaries of Orange, before joining Orange France in 2006 to manage voicemail platforms.


Then listening to the call for challenge, I set up in Libya to create a local subsidiary of a major IT services company. Based on my experience in project management, I enhanced my knowledge throughout a PMP certification.


In 2010, return to basics to join Alfa, one of the two mobile operators in Lebanon to manage the national rollout teams, before the technical manager gave me the mission to create and manage the PMO team.


I joined Sofrecom on September, 11th 2017 in the ITN Business Unit as a Senior project manager. Drawing upon my 20 years experience in the areas of engineering, the rollout of mobile networks and project management, I intend to contribute to the development of Sofrecom throughout the world.

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