Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The growing importance of the digital usages throughout the world is compelling the operators to transform.

It is now vital for them to build a strong strategy, to develop the digital channels and to adapt their tools and their processes.

The aim is not only to meet the customers’ expectations and usages as closely as possible, but also to grasp the new business opportunities occurring.


So many questions emerge:

  • What levers to activate to boost sales on the digital channels?
  • What strategy of digital customer relationship to better answer the customers’ needs?
  • How to adapt the performance management in digital era?
  • How to better use the data in order to improve and customize the customer experience?


These are as many questions and challenges addressed by the Digital Innovation Practice of Sofrecom.

We wish throughout this section to share our own convictions. Convictions built from numerous projects carried out for our customers.

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